Professional Services

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So clients become your main focus.

Better service clients at your desk or theirs. PayeFix’s credit card processing solutions give you flexibility to accept payments and send invoices without being confined to the office.

  • Professional Services
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Consultants
  • Insurance Agents

Create the Ultimate Payment Package

Apple Pay & NFC

Keep the line moving when you accept fast, contactless forms of payment.

Loyalty & Text Club

Keep customers coming back by rewarding them for frequent purchases.

Gift Card Program

Encourage brand loyalty with upfront payments for future purchases.

Cash Advance Program

Get access to cash to grow your business or simply when you need it.

Chip Cards & EMV

Transition to the new standard of secure credit card processing.

Check Services

Convert checks into electronic payments and speed up your cash.

Online Reporting

Monitor your account with real-time reports at any time, from anywhere.

Quickbooks Integration

Import payments automatically into your existing accounting software.

Featured Product

Processing at lightning speeds, this credit card terminal is a powerful payment solution. Start accepting any credit card with its EMV and Apple Pay compatibility. Plus, add loyalty cards and gift cards to payment methods with value-add applications.

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