Credit Card Processing

Easy Solutions for Processing Credit Cards Online and Offline

Applying for your PayeFix merchant account is quite fast and simple. You’ll get a merchant account manager tailored to guide you through the various processing steps. It will just take a week or so for you to get your credit card after you submit your application with us. You’ll always be able to rely on this service as it provides you with timely payouts. A few clicks of your mouse are enough to get you registered with us. Filling out a short form is all you need to do once you click on any of the apply buttons. You may even get in touch with our representatives online and get your doubts clarified.

Online Solutions for Processing Credit Cards

With PayeFix, it has turned much easier for you to request credit cards over the internet regardless of whether you’re operating a high risk or low risk business. Multiple card processing services bearing higher risks can now be provided to a number of e-commerce industries through our offshore banking partners. Processing credit cards for forex brokers, pharmaceutical businesses and Adult buyers are some of our key services. You may also be interested in knowing the other e-commerce industries that we serve.

MOTO Solutions for Processing Credit Cards

In order to grow and succeed, a few businesses need something more than the common online solutions for processing credit cards. PayeFix understands this fact and serves MOTO merchants. Business owners that qualify for credit card offers may receive cards through mail order, through a phone call or over the internet. A virtual terminal and a payment gateway that follows the PCI compliance norms yield considerable advantage for the qualified individuals. You must gather more knowledge on the MOTO merchant accounts as soon as possible.

Solutions for Processing Retail Credit Cards

With PayeFix, multiple POS terminals and retail merchant accounts that have gained popularity can be availed by business based in the US. You’ll see a growth in profits and business as the payouts occur on a regular basis or every alternate day. We offer rates that are inexpensive and suit your pocket besides providing an effective customer support to resolve all of your queries. It’s important for you to acquire more knowledge on credit card processing services as well as retail merchant accounts.