How Does It Work

How Does It Work

For PayeFix mission is really about competing in the new era of technology where processing is the new battleground. We are ready, set and aim for the highest quality service and delivering those services in the shortest amount of time possible. And this is how we do it:

  • 1. Fill out our short pricing form or call us for immediate assistance (we prefer calls).

    Our sales specialists are standing by from 9am - 6pm EST Monday - Friday. Customer service is open 24/7.

  • 2. One of our specialists will talk to you to learn more about your business, go over pricing, and review our equipment options.

    We offer our merchants a free chip card terminal, or a free mobile card reader, or a free virtual terminal. We also offer competitive pricing on the new full line of Clover Point of Sale products.

  • 3. After figuring out your best solution, we fill out an electronic application for you that takes about 5 minutes to complete and text and email it to you for review and electronic signature. We submit your paperwork to underwriting for approval. Getting approved takes between 1-4 hours.

    We have no contract term or cancellation fee so an application is non-binding, you can cancel at any time at no extra cost.

  • 4. After being approved we will reach out to you again to confirm your equipment order and shipping address, and to make sure your information is setup to print correctly on your customer's receipts. We then email you your tracking number when your equipment ships.

    When your account is approved it is assigned an account manager that is responsible for onboarding your account through an efficient process. We have won awards for our onboarding steps. Check us out on trustpilot :) Also shipping is free.

  • 5. Your account manager will call you after your equipment arrives to train you on how to you use your new terminal, or mobile card reader, or Virtual terminal, or Clover POS.

    This is an important step and something that many of our competitors neglect. We walk you through setting up your equipment and run you through a test transaction. We also go over how to view your account activity online in our merchant portal. If you purchased a Clover POS we walk you through uploading your inventory into your system and train you on how to use it a-z.

  • 6. After you start processing we encourage you to call us back with any questions at anytime. We understand that merchant services is an important part of your business and we are here to help with any questions that you may have.

    Our no cancellation fee policy reinforces our commitment to providing you with the best ongoing service.