Fraud protection

Fraud protection

Do you have a reactive approach to fraud prevention? Always feel a step behind? Our comprehensive portfolio of fraud management solutions puts you in control so you can proactively identify online fraud threats. -accertify

  • 1. Risk Assessment

    We return a real-time risk assessment for every transaction using our award-winning technology that analyzes transaction risk using criteria such as device intelligence, behavior analysis, location data, customer attributes, payment information, and information on the purchase and related transactions. Then we use state-of-the-art machine learning models and established rules to identify good customers, reduce manual review, and highlight risky transactions.

  • 2. Analysis

    Some clients want the ability to accept or reject transactions based on the real-time risk assessment. Others prefer their fraud analysis team review risky transactions. Our case management platform accommodates both by enabling you to filter and sort transactions as you wish (e.g. time in queue, riskiest first, deadlines around fulfillment, etc.)

  • 3. Reporting

    If you can’t monitor it, you will have difficulty measuring it. This is why we designed our fraud management reporting infrastructure to provide insight and intelligence in near real-time through dashboards, drilldowns, and standard reports. You can securely export data and complement your existing enterprise data warehouse with a few clicks. Our Rules Sandbox also provides detailed “what-if” analysis scenarios to help you customize your reports.

  • 4. Optimize Revenue. Eliminate Ecommerce Fraud. Ensure Protection

    ECOMMERCE FRAUD PREVENTION THAT MERCHANTS CAN TRUST Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform comprises three distinct solutions — Revenue Protection, Abuse Prevention and Payments Compliance — that together remove the stress of ecommerce fraud prevention, abuse and payment regulation and thereby free retail professionals to focus on vital business initiatives and strategies.